Establishing Guardianships & Conservatorships In Colorado

Colorado laws allow people to act in place of and make important decisions for those who are deemed incapable of making sound decisions for themselves. The legal instruments that give this authority are:

  • Guardianships give one person decision-making authority over major decisions that affect the person's well-being, such as medical treatment.
  • Conservatorships concern decisions over financial matters such as bank accounts and investments.

If you are seeking a guardianship or conservatorship in Colorado, Kaeble Law LLC can guide you through all of the necessary legal details. We can also help you establish powers of attorney and other estate planning documents that prepare you for an uncertain future.

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Contested Guardianships

A contested guardianship is a sensitive legal matter that must be handled with care. In some cases, a person may not believe he or she needs a guardian. In other cases, a third party may contest the suitability of the person seeking the guardianship.

With more than 20 years of legal experience, Kathryn Kaeble is prepared to guide you through any guardianship-related dispute.

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