Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security And Veterans Benefits

Many people in Golden and throughout Colorado rely on Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and Veterans benefits for financial assistance. Without careful legal planning, you can lose eligibility to these much-needed programs.

At Kaeble Law LLC, we can help you establish the legal plans you need in order to protect assets while maintaining eligibility to the public benefit programs you rely on. Kathryn Kaeble has more than 20 years of experience handling elder law and estate planning matters for clients throughout the west Denver metro area.

She can provide you with the legal guidance you need to navigate the bureaucratic red tape that can complicate these matters.

Navigating Look-Back Periods

Assistance programs such as Medicaid have a look-back period in which they track your financial transactions for the five years prior to your application. Expenditures, gifts and other financial transactions made during this period could render you ineligible for benefits.

We can help you navigate look-back periods and other complexities as you prepare for the future. Such planning is especially helpful for those anticipating nursing home care or other long-term care. Without skillful planning, a lifetime of assets can disappear in a matter of years, even months.

Discuss Your Asset Protection Needs With A Knowledgeable Attorney

If you are concerned about maintaining eligibility to Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans benefits and Social Security benefits, our law firm can protect your rights and interests. Contact us online or by telephone at 303-877-8921 to arrange your initial consultation with an elder law and estate planning lawyer in Golden, Colorado.