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Proactive steps in planning your estate

“There is no time like the present” is an oft-used phrase that applies to estate planning. Starting the process of drafting a will or establishing a trust is not exclusive to the older generation. The sooner you start, the more peace of mind you will have for taking...

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Miller trusts and Medicaid planning 

A comprehensive approach to estate planning often includes Medicaid planning. When planning for a time when one needs long-term health care, Medicaid planning can help pave the road to coverage. However, what happens if a person is disqualified because their income is...

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What is healthy spouse protection?

When one spouse has long-term care needs, but the other does not, it can lead to monetary concerns. Fortunately, federal law has asset and income protections in place to prevent financial hardships. What are healthy spousal impoverishment protections? Spouses of...

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