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July 2018 Archives

Protecting a legacy as part of an estate plan

Some people in Colorado who are creating estate plans might want to consider whether leaving a business and complicated assets in the control of family members is the right choice. People may want to provide for their spouses and children and assume they have no choice but to mandate that their family members manage those assets, but this is not the case. Other individuals can be chosen to run a business and manage assets while loved ones still benefit financially.

Could certain mistakes derail your estate plan?

Colorado readers understand the many benefits of having a strong estate plan in place. However, even your best efforts to plan well and address specific issues can be futile if you commit certain mistakes as you draft your plan. It is beneficial to be certain missteps and errors will not affect your future.

Just moved to Colorado? You may want to check your estate plan.

Many different things could lead to a person moving to a new part of the country. One is a desire to move to a given place to retire. Colorado may be a popular target when it comes to this. A WalletHub report ranked it the second best place in the whole country to retire.

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