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Special needs, trusts and emotional support

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Special needs, trusts and emotional support

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2019 | Estate Planning, Special Needs Planning

Those who have someone in the family with special needs may be very concerned about their future and worried about their ability to offer support. Support takes various forms, from offering financial support to providing help from an emotional point of view. We have discussed special needs trusts, which can be very beneficial for those who have a child or another family with special needs. Alongside these trusts, serving as a lifeline from an emotional standpoint is crucial as well.

Those with special needs often face diverse challenges in their lives and they may have a lot of uncertainty with regard to their future. Unfortunately, loved ones may not be around for the rest of their lives, which can be concerning for the entire family. Special needs trusts can account for some of the hardships that those with special needs may face, especially when it comes to the benefits that they are able to receive alongside the assets from a trust.

Special needs trusts can also offer a sense of relief and other emotional benefits. However, it is crucial for those who are striving to support their family member with special needs to take other emotional considerations into account. By helping loved ones with various emotional hurdles, such as depression, anxiety or even frustration, their quality of life may improve, and the entire family may benefit.

There are many different issues to tackle when it comes to special needs planning, and we go into greater detail on this topic on our website. To read more about special needs trusts and related issues, please have a look.