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End your parent’s uncertainty with end-of-life plans

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End your parent’s uncertainty with end-of-life plans

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2019 | Firm News

It’s hard to imagine that your parents won’t be with you as they always have been. As painful as it can be for you, it may be even more painful for them to make end-of-life plans.

The time is never too soon to speak to your parents about their plans. Having a clear overview will provide a roadmap to navigate a difficult time. Make sure to speak with your parents to figure out their wishes for the future.

Planning progress

The first thing you need to find out is how far they’ve gotten in planning. It may not be easy to broach the subject, but remember you don’t have to do it all at once. Take your time, listen to their concerns and help guide them through this process.

Planning will help

Once you have their wishes outlined, you can set to making them official. There are several legal documents that can relieve the uncertainty from hard times:

  • A living will: If they’re in a condition where they can’t relay their wants, the living will can act as your guide for their end-of-life care. It can cover difficult topics like pain management or whether to attempt resuscitation.
  • Power of attorney: Appointing you durable power of attorney means that if they become incapacitated, you can still make decisions on their behalf. You will be able to oversee their medical care, manage any bills and supervise their investments.
  • The last will: The last will lets you know exactly how they want you to handle their assets after they pass. They can let you know how they want to pay debts, use funds and distribute possessions.

It can be difficult for everyone involved to speak on these delicate matters, but dealing with it now will help bring clarity in the future. Have the conversation now to help your parent’s expectations come to fruition when the time comes.