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Advance directives for young adults

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Advance directives for young adults

For parents and grandparents, children moving out into the world for the first time can be both a joyous and life-changing experience. Those first few steps into adulthood are a remarkable occasion for everyone. However, most young people are not thinking about the...

3 Probate myths explored

Some wills are specifically designed to avoid probate; others are less detailed. Some estates are intestate, meaning there is no will outlining the decedent’s wishes.  For the general public, probate may not be a familiar topic. It is nebulous and open to speculation,...

Plan to avoid the federal estate tax

Many people who meet with an estate planning attorney for the first time ask about the estate tax. While much of estate planning law flies under the radar of political commentators or the news media, there is always a lot of coverage whenever politicians propose a...

What is a special needs trust?

Trusts are among the most adaptable tools in estate planning. Depending on how it is designed, a trust can go into effect during your life or upon your passing. Wealthy families often use trusts to protect their assets and provide for future generations, or to provide...