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What to do after creating a living will

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What to do after creating a living will

A living will is a basic estate planning document that explains the medical treatment you do and do not want to receive if you are unable to make those decisions for yourself. An accident or illness that leaves you incapacitated can happen at any time, so it is one of...

Will a trust bypass probate?

Many people want to avoid probate when planning their estates. A lot of the reasoning is due to misunderstanding how probate works, but in any case, it is nice to do what you can to ensure probate is a speedy process. That may mean making decisions that allow your...

4 most basic estate planning documents

Your individual needs determine what goes into your estate plan. If you have few assets, your plan is probably simple, while if you have many assets, investments, etc., your plan is more likely to be proportionately complex. U.S. News and World Report describes a few...

Navigating the Medicaid look-back period

You may eventually require care in a long-term residential facility and worry about affording it. Many people who need long-term care are unable to pay for it out of pocket. In many cases, government assistance programs, such as Medicaid, can help with expenses....