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Medicaid alternatives to nursing home care

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Medicaid alternatives to nursing home care

Medicaid's long-term care coverage used to only pay for institutional care such as a nursing home. Now, Medicaid has programs that provide alternatives that you or a loved one may find more appealing. The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing...

What is a Miller trust?

When it comes to qualifying for Medicaid, there is a lot of hoops. Depending on your income and assets, or the income and assets of your loved one, it may seem like you already have too much. Colorado offers a plan to help curb this in the form of the Miller trust — a...

What is the Medicaid lookback period?

As a program designed to help low-income seniors pay for medical expenses and long-term care, qualifying for Medicaid is not easy. In fact, even if you have limited financial resources, you may find that your income and/or countable assets exceed the Medicaid income...

Intestate succession in Colorado

Most people in Colorado likely do not look forward to engaging in the estate planning process. Even still, many also assume that all local residents who pass on leave behind a will dictating the dispersal of their assets. Yet that is not the case. Indeed, according to...