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2 types of guardianships in Colorado

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2 types of guardianships in Colorado

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2021 | Elder Law, Estate Planning

As your parents get older, medical issues may arise that you are not ready for. You may see a decline in mental health or physical ability. Although it may not be something you want to think about, you may not have much time left with them. 

Do you want to help them in their twilight years? Have you thought about becoming a guardian? As a guardian, you will have the responsibility of taking care of them physically and financially. In Colorado, there are two types of guardianships to look at. 

Full guardianship

A guardian is someone who takes care of a disabled child or incapacitated adult who cannot take care of themselves. This person provides shelter, clothes, food, medical assistance and other necessities. 

Full guardianship requires you to do these things. However, Colorado state courts will only appoint a guardian if they believe the individual needs one. If one or both parents have nothing written in their estate plan concerning guardianship, you must show the court proof of your parents’ incapacitation. 

The state of Colorado will ask you to file a report once a year to show how you are caring for this person. 

Limited guardianship

Colorado wants guardianship to be unrestrictive, allowing people to have as much control of their lives as possible. The courts believe that limited guardianship should be enough unless a potential guardian can show otherwise. 

The judge will provide you with your guardianship duties and will allow you the amount of authority he or she deems necessary. This means you may be providing physical assistance, but not financial. 

As they grow older, you want to care for your parents, just as they took care of you. Becoming their guardian may be the answer.