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Distinction between nursing homes and assisted living facilities

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Distinction between nursing homes and assisted living facilities

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | Elder Law

The aging process is an inevitable part of life that can sometimes be tricky to deal with. Often, individuals will find that they are no longer able to look after their interests at home. There are many factors that can lead to an elderly person moving out of their home. For example, they may require constant medical care which would be impossible to implement in the domestic setting. Additionally, there might be a lack of family members or caregivers who are able to help out.

In circumstances like this, nursing homes and assisted living facilities are frequently mentioned. It is common to use these terms interchangeably, but both facilities provide different levels of care and have separate legal obligations.

What is a nursing home?

A nursing home is a licensed facility that has been designed to cater for elderly people who require routine care. Crucially, nursing homes tend to have a medical nature on top of accommodation and medical staff must be on hand 24/7.

What is an assisted living facility?

The key distinction between a nursing home and assisted living facility is that the latter is not medical in nature. There will typically be day staff on hand to help with activities like food preparation and cleaning, but there is no requirement for 24/7 medical supervision.

Assisted living facilities will usually offer residents a private room that can be locked with an open reception throughout the daytime. For this reason, such facilities are often considered to be a midway point between the domestic setting and a nursing home.

Understanding the differences between nursing homes and assisted living facilities could assist you in choosing an environment that suits the needs of your loved ones. Planning the next steps for your family is an important decision and you should remember that you have legal rights.