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Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security & Veterans Benefits

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Government Benefits To Help Pay For Long-Term Care

Many people in Golden and throughout Colorado rely on Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and veterans benefits for financial assistance. In order to be eligible to receive these benefits, they need to make sure they meet the program’s strict criteria. Making a mistake could potentially result in some of these benefits being unavailable, no matter how badly you may need them to pay for your care.

At Kaeble Law LLC, we will work together with you to develop a plan that allows you to protect your assets while still maintaining eligibility to qualify for the public benefit programs you rely on. Our attorney, Kathryn Kaeble, has more than 30 years of legal experience, and will help you navigate the complex application process for government benefits for clients throughout the west Denver metro area.

Navigating Look-Back Periods

One of the biggest issues facing our clients is what is referred to as a look-back period. Assistance programs such as Medicaid track your financial transactions for the five years prior to your application. Expenditures, gifts and other financial transactions made during this period could render you ineligible for benefits.

We can help you navigate look-back periods and other red tape associated with these programs. Such planning is critical for those anticipating nursing home care or other long-term care, due to the high costs associated with nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Without skillful planning, a lifetime of assets can disappear in a matter of years, even months.

Discuss Your Asset Protection Needs With A Knowledgeable Attorney

If you are concerned about maintaining eligibility to Medicaid, Medicare, veterans benefits and Social Security benefits, we can protect your rights and interests. Contact us online or by telephone at 720-759-3082 to arrange your initial consultation with an elder law and estate planning lawyer in Golden, Colorado.