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Guardianships & Conservatorships

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Establishing Guardianships & Conservatorships In Colorado

You may have a loved one who is demonstrating signs of being unable to care for him- or herself. This may require you to take action to ensure that your mother, father or other close family member has someone looking out for their interests at all times.

Colorado laws allow people to act in place of and make important decisions for those who are deemed incapable of making sound decisions for themselves. There are two main ways that this is accomplished, and the legal instruments that give this authority are guardianships and conservatorships.


Guardianships give one person the ability to make major decisions that would impact the person’s well-being. Most often these decisions regard the medical care that an individual should receive. Guardians also must make sure that the individual is being provided for as well. In cases where a parent needs to have a guardianship established for them, one of the children will generally petition to be named as the guardian. Guardianships can be discussed during the initial estate planning stages, or they could be appointed at a later time if deemed necessary.

Contested Guardianships

A contested guardianship is a sensitive legal matter that must be handled with care. In some cases, a person may not believe he or she needs a guardian. In other cases, a third party may contest the suitability of the person seeking the guardianship, such as another sibling who objects to a specific person being in charge of these decisions.

If this is happening in your situation, you need to speak to our experienced attorney as soon as possible. Kathryn Kaeble has more than two decades of handling complex guardianship matters for Colorado families, and can help you as you go through this process.


Conservatorships allow individuals to have control over a person’s financial affairs. This means they have access to their loved one’s bank accounts and other investments. This is often necessary to prevent another person from taking advantage of their family member when he or she is unable to think clearly about these matters.

If you are seeking a guardianship or conservatorship in Colorado, Kaeble Law LLC can guide you through all of the necessary legal details. We can also help you establish powers of attorney and other estate planning documents that prepare you for an uncertain future.

We are committed to protecting the rights and interests of clients in Lakewood and throughout the west Denver metro area.

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