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Legacy Planning

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The Importance Of Legacy Planning

We pass many things to the next generation, from our wealth and assets, to our stories, values and beliefs.

Many people view estate planning as the passing of wealth and assets, but, in fact, it can go far beyond that. Legal and financial planning can tell the next generation what was important to you. It can support your values and beliefs far into the future. It can determine what history says about you and what your distant descendents learn about your life.

At Kaeble Law LLC, our estate planning services go far beyond drawing up wills and trusts. We work with our clients closely to gain an understanding of their legacy goals. We carefully craft legal documents that support these goals, and are here to update them when necessary.

Estate planning lawyer Kathryn Kaeble has more than 30 years of legal experience and uses this knowledge to help people protect their assets and legacies. She provides knowledgeable, personalized legacy planning representation to clients in Golden and throughout the west Denver metro area.

Elements Of Legacy Planning

No two legacy plans are the same, but some of the estate planning tools we can use to establish your legacy include:

  • Charitable gifting strategies: We can utilize a number of estate planning vehicles to help you bequest wealth and assets to individuals and charitable organizations.
  • Trusts: Trusts allow you to set aside assets for an individual or organization. You can place controls and restrictions that ensure the use of the trust funds reflects your wishes and values.

Life circumstances change and your legal plan may have to be updated from time to time. Rest assured, our law firm will be here to revise and update your legal plans so they reflect your present day wishes and circumstances.

What Does Your Next Chapter Look Like?

We are here to help you put the next chapter down on paper so your wishes and values carry on to the next generation and beyond. To discuss your legacy planning goals with an experienced Colorado attorney, please contact us online or by telephone at 720-759-3082.