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What You Need To Know About Estate Planning

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The Basics Of Estate Planning

Kaeble Law LLC works with many families in Colorado who need help with estate planning matters. You might be uncertain about whether or not this is right for you, or why you should come to us for help. We wanted to give you some very brief information about the benefits of working with us when creating your estate plan.

This Is Not Something You Should Try To Do Yourself

Turning to the internet for answers is common for people who have questions about something they know little about. You may have done some background research on estate planning and have come across some forms or other basic instructions about wills and trusts. You might think you have a good idea about what you need for your situation.

You need to know that every estate is different — what works for friends or loved ones may not be the best way to carry out your goals. When you meet with our attorney, we will be able to draft the plan that matches up with your objectives. If you try to do this on your own, you will make a mistake, and it could make an already bad situation worse for your family members.

There Are Practical Reasons To Set Aside Time For Estate Planning – No Matter Where You Are In Life

You may not realize that you need an estate plan, but chances are, you have something or someone important to you. Whether you have just started your new career after college, have recently married, have had children or are close to retirement age, you need to start thinking about the future. There are people you care about, and you need to make sure they are protected in the event something happens to you.

This can be a tough topic to think about, but it is extremely critical you take action and put a plan in place for the benefit of those who depend upon you. The more detail and instruction you can give them, the better.

Even The Strongest Relations Can Suffer Due To Uncertainty

If you become incapacitated without a living will or power of attorney for health care in place, your family members will be left to guess as to what sort of life-sustaining care you should receive. Your loved ones may differ drastically about the measures that should be taken on your behalf, and this could make the entire situation much more difficult emotionally for everyone involved.

Likewise, without an estate plan describing how your property is to be distributed, potential beneficiaries may get upset when assets they expect to receive are instead passed down according to Colorado’s intestacy laws. It may result in family members having disputes with one another over certain items, and this is not the legacy you want to leave behind.

Let Us Help You Protect What Matters Most To You

We invite you to reach out to us to begin planning your estate. Schedule your free consultation with our experienced lawyer by calling 720-759-3082 or by sending us an email, and we’ll set aside a time that works best for you. We assist clients in Lakewood, in Golden and throughout the west Denver metro area.