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Incapacity, Disability and Special Needs Planning

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Establishing Long-Term Plans For Those With Special Needs

You may have assets you wish to set aside for the care of your loved one who is struggling with some type of disabling condition or disorder. It is comforting to know that they will receive the care they need in the event you pass away.

However, you need to be very careful about how you pass down these assets, as they could potentially make it impossible for your loved one to obtain public benefits they would otherwise be entitled to receive. Social Security Disability, Medicaid and other programs may disqualify your son or daughter, making it much more difficult for them to be able to meet the challenges they face as they get older.

A knowledgeable elder law attorney can put these concerns to rest by establishing legal documents, such as a special needs trust, that protect the well-being of a disabled or incapacitated person. Kathryn Kaeble has more than 30 years of legal experience. She believes deeply in the opportunity to take care of tomorrow by planning today. Long-term care planning can ensure that needs are met and appropriate medical treatment is available.

Evaluating The Options Available To You

As the primary source of payment for long-term care, Medicaid benefits provide basic support, but sometimes it meets only the bare minimum of a recipient’s needs. Kathryn Kaeble can recommend a number of trusts that are more likely to provide adequate solutions to an incapacitated person’s problems such as:

  • Special needs trusts
  • Medicare set-aside accounts
  • Income trusts
  • Pooled trusts
  • Third-party discretionary trusts

The special needs trust can be especially valuable as it provides benefits without sacrificing a person’s eligibility for Medicaid. It can pay for dental and medical costs, the expense of annual checkups, education, special equipment, transportation, insurance and nutrition needs, and other quality-of-life benefits.

Regardless of the challenge that you or your family is facing currently or in the near future, Kathryn Kaeble‘s reputation for positive results proves that she can help those dealing with incapacity, disability and special needs issues. She customizes her leadership to suit your unique situation and stays available to you from start to finish of your work together, so that any sudden question or concern you have can be addressed.

The Strategic Planning You Need To Prepare For The Future

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